Exposure by advertising

Both online and printed media

Advertise with usThis corporate portal have this unique advertising opportunity for members and subscribers to get an exposure directly to the huge customer base who look for construction engineering professionals and agencies throughout India. You can advertise with us not only with this portal but also in our all india online portal. Besides that BAI publishes it's monthly mouthpiece the "INDIAN CONSTRUCTION" which is long considered regular and dependable authenticate information provider to the constituents of the Indian construction sector.

Trade Fares/Conventions/Seminars/Conferences

An exposure not only in India but to the international market also

Exhibitions/Trade fairs are regularly held by BAI in various parts of India.
Conventions/Seminars/Conferences are organized regularly by BAI in various parts of India and on specific topics too. These events are many times clubbed with Exhibitions/Tradefairs.

Construction Industry Referencer

An annual publication on behalf of BAI

Construction Industry Referencer : An annual publication on behalf of BAIBAI publishes Construction Industry Referencer, the official membership directory of BAI containing all details of its members; on annual basis. Being a collector’s volume, advertisements in the Membership Directory get multiple exposures.

Research/Survey/Opinion gathering exercise

Get the job done by experts

Research/Survey/Opinion gathering exerciseThese are important tools for formulation of proper corporate policy and product/service marketing. These specialized jobs and BAI provides the opportunity to make the job easier by providing the services itself to it's members and subscribers. Our long association with the industry and huge database makes the job look simple and effective.
All the groundwork are done by BAI on behalf of you. The results are of great benefit but availed at ease as we undertake the projects on behalf of service providers/manufacturers.

One-to-One meetings

With specific groups of members are also arranged by BAI on request

One to one Meeting with buyer and sellerFor any Supplier or Manufacturer it's a great opportunity of avaling the arranged meeting, face to face with specific group of members.
This system is unbiased and service provided on request of the service provider or manufacturer from anywhere of India and arranged on demand in various parts of India; whereever it's found suitable.